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This photo is Andrew Thurman Armstrong Sr and Ila (Kitchen) Armstrong. It is taken from a group photo from a Pool/Brown family reunion in the mid 1920's. The Pool/Brown Reunion continued until the 1990's.

 Written on back is:  'At W.A.Pool's near Mansfield
Front{:} John, Gertie? Wm(Williams?), Irene?, W.A.Jr.(child) Dorethy Pool(child), Will G. Pool
{middle:} Thurman, Ila, Euna? J???, W.A., Belle Brown, Beaulah Pool    In back{:} Pool, Doherty, (nathan?) Harris, Pool, Mary & Beth Doherty

Full names as best as I can determine:
'John, Gertie' are John H. Williams and Lillie Gertrude (Gertie) [Pool] Williams
'Irene' is or will be Irene [Kitchen] Adams
'W.A.Jr.' is the son of Nathan Harris (Harris) Pool and Euna [McInturf] Pool, William Alexander (Billie) Pool Jr.
'Dorethy Pool' is daughter of William Gurley (Willie) Pool and Beaulah [Moore] Pool, Dorothy Henrietta Pool.
'Will G. Pool' is the father of the previous and son of W.A. Pool.
'Thurman, Ila' is Andrew Thurman Armstrong and Ila [Kitchen] Armstrong, probably just married.
'Euna Jane' is Euna [McInturf] Pool wife of Nathan Harris Pool and their daughter Elizabeth Jane (Betsy Jane) Pool.
'W.A., Belle Brown' is Rev. William Alexander Pool and his sister Terah Isabell (Belle) [Pool] Brown.
'Beaulah Pool' is Beaulah [Moore] Pool and mother of Dorethy Pool.
'Pool, Doherty' I go no clue.
'(nathan?) Harris' is Nathan Harris Pool mentioned previously.
' Pool'
' Mary & Beth Doherty' are sisters Mary Delia and Emma Elizabeth (Beth) Doherty.

Family History:
In the late 1800's, many families moved from North Carolina and settled in the North Texas area.  Deep religious and family ties helped them build a community. 
These are some of their stories.

Major Family lines presented/documented here are:
Adams, Armstrong, Brown, Hellams, Kitchen, Pool, Williams

Documents History:
These are part of the Family Archive of records held by Ila Kitchen Armstrong.  They include photos, letters and various documents.  On her death the collection was divided among her children.
As I get more scaned in I will be posting them here.

If there are any questions, please ask.
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 ATA's WW1 Photo Album No.1
  62 pages & 7 documents pages
 ATA's WW1 Diary   10 pages (Andrew's)
 Letters Chapter 1   17 pages (Drew's)
        Dates: 4/17/1893 - 6/13/1905
 Letters Chapter 2, WAR Letters  9 pages
        Dates: 12/24/1917 - 5/10/1919
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