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While pasted to the inside cover of the album, this photo is dated on back 3-2-19.  Notice the service stripe on left sleeve.  One stripe signifies over 6 months in action and less than one year but he is not wearing any ribbons or medals as documents show they were not awarded untill 27 May 1919.  I believe the patch on shoulder indicates his unit was First Army Aviation group.  He was mustered out of the Army as a Chauffeur, 1st Class with the A.E.F. Third Army.

This is the photo album of Andrew Thurman Armstrong Sr, son of Andrew Thompson Armstrong and Elizabeth Savanna Shirley.  Born June 7, 1889 in Everman, Texas (in South Fort Worth now) and died July 12, 1943 in Keller, Texas (North of Fort Worth). 

This collection is from his days in the Motor Transport unit attached to the 183rd Squadron which later changed into the 1st Air Park.  He was a Mason, a farmer and built his own car after the war.  He enlisted November 15, 1917 age 28 in Fort Worth, Texas.  He was initially stationed at Airfield No 9 near Issoudun, France as an aircraft mechanic, later being promoted into the motor transport section for aircraft recovery. 

At least some of the photos were taken just after his arrival in France.  The horse in the tree is specifically mentioned in his diary.  The majority were taken after the war while ATA was driving all over the country. Before the war ended, by ceasefire, at 11 am on November 11, 1918, he was stationed in and around northern France chasing crashed planes.  After the war his unit was assigned to Weissenthurm, Germany.  He moved around France, Belgium, Germany and Italy through the Fall of 1919.  I have been able to verify some of the images, as noted.  There are few notes but what is available is listed. 

These are his photos after being stored away for 80 years.

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