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Marijuana Testing in Texas by Armstrong Forensic Laboratory. Inc.

Marijuana Testing in Texas

10 Things About THC Concentration – Hemp vs Marijuana In 2019, the Texas Law HB 1325 changed the definition of Marijuana in Texas. Armstrong understands your needs, as law enforcement and justice department officials, to find a fast and economical solution to answer the question “Is it Hemp or Marijuana?”. Being the first laboratory in […]Read more

Fire Debris Analysis

Fire Debris Analysis

Trained experts providing comprehensive Fire Debris Analysis to establish the facts. With more than 40 years experience and more than 30,000 cases, we are here to help you and your investigation. OUR SERVICES Fire Debris Analysis Comprehensive Report Free Initial Consultation Complete Technical Support NFPA 921 Compliant Sampling Kits Areas of Expertise Ignitable Liquids Adhesives […]Read more

Environmental Analysis

Environmental Analysis

RAPID RESPONSE AND VALUE-ADDED SERVICES AT NO ADDITIONAL COSTS. Quick turn-around and response are important when you have personnel and equipment on site. Results have to be fast and accurate when your client is depending on the results. For over 30 years, Armstrong Forensic Laboratory’s clients have come to depend on quick turn-around and the […]Read more


Mold Assessments

Find It All! WHAT IS IT? WERE DOES IT COME FROM? HOW DO YOU GET RID OF IT? CAN YOU RISK WHAT ARISES AFTER WATER RECEDES? Quality Mold Assessments and Indoor Air Testing Performing mold assessments and indoor air quality testing since 1989, Armstrong Forensic Laboratory has consistently provided Industrial Hygiene services to clients ranging […]Read more


Toy Testing

Consumer Product Safety Testing Toys, Games & Juvenile Products Today’s Challenge Manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers of children’s products have seen an ever increasing requirement for safety testing with each new day that passes. The challenges of keeping up with these safety regulations from state, federal and international agencies can be daunting. Even with current […]Read more


Litigation Support

Litigation Support Armstrong Forensic Laboratory has provided litigation support from  its beginning. While the field of forensics has become popularized in the media, it is a necessary part of the Judicial System. Separating fact from fiction requires people with knowledge, skill and objectivity. Armstrong Forensic Laboratory has always been proud of the litigation support provided to our […]Read more

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