AIHA and IAQA Publish Indoor Air Quality Practitioners Body of Knowledge

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) and the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) have come together to produce the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Practitioners Body of Knowledge (BoK). This type of document is the first of it’s kind. The two organizations have been working together for the last year and a half to develop this document. A panel of experts on the subject matter, representing both organizations, helped to create the document. The purpose of the BoK is to highlight the skills and knowledge necessary to practice in the area of Indoor Air Quality.

Donald M. Weekes, CIH, CSP, past president of the IAQA board of directors is quoted by saying “This document will serve as the reference standard for the IAQ field and its practitioners for years to come, and those interested in the field will be able to utilize the BoK as a guideline for their IAQ methods and procedures. It is expected that this BoK will continue to be renewed as needed by both organizations as part of their ongoing cooperative efforts.” (

The Body of Knowledge begins with general information anyone working in the area of air quality should already possess, and also the application of basic concepts in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Microbiology and Mathematics, as they relate to the practice of indoor air quality. It then moves into the identification of contaminants and stressors in the workplace, as well as reorganization of psychosocial factors that also may affect workers exposed to the area. Furthermore, the Body of Knowledge guides the user to identify potential health effects that are commonly encountered and the need for diagnosis by medical professionals. In addition the user must be able to identify the science of the building as well as the role the heating, ventilation and air conditioning plays into the quality of the air. Then, there are several steps to the assessment the building:  walkthrough inspection, sampling, limitations, corrective actions, and communication. The Body of Knowledge ends with the mitigation of current air quality issues and finally a proactive plan for avoiding potential problems in the future.

This document will definitely prove helpful for all those in the field of Industrial Hygiene or other fields closely related as it gives the reader a pretty thorough outline of steps to ensure workers are provided with a safe workplace. Armstrong Forensic Laboratory employs a Certified Industrial Hygienist who is very experienced with site assessment, sampling, consulting and much more. If you are in need of such services, call us at (800) 644-4175 or (817) 275-2691 locally to speak with one of our experts. Below is a link to the news article summarizing the Body of Knowledge, as well as a link to download the document itself.

(1) AIHA – IAQA Body of Knowledge

(2) News Article Summarizing AIHA – IAQA Body of Knowledge