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Diesel Water Separators

When should you drain your diesel water separator?

Proper maintenance of a diesel engine is incredibly important and can mean the difference between catastrophic loss and operator error. Know when and how to keep your engine in the best condition possible.


For how and why to test your fuel:


Winter is coming!


And the American Chemical Society Southwest Regional Meeting (ACS SWRM) –

Our own Dr. Kelly Wouters will be speaking at the conference on Friday November 21st.

The Conference will run from November 19th through the 22nd.


Hope to see you there!

3 Rules

Operate your business like you live your life. Believe in something.

We hold many beliefs. Some can be explained very simply, like the 3 Rules.


3 Rules:

  1. Facts is Facts.
  2. Tell the Truth.
  3. I don’t know is a good answer.
  4. Whether this is the 4th rule or the 0th rule is matter of some debate. That being said. When in trouble, when in doubt, see Rule 1: Facts is facts. 2: Tell the Truth…

We have moved!

We moved digitally, not physically!


All of the convenient shipping program shipping labels still come to the right place.


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Dryer Fires

At Armstrong Forensic Laboratory, we routinely analyze debris recovered from laundry dryer fires.  The clothes dryers we have in our homes heat our clothing to temperatures approaching the ignition temperature of cotton.  When there are traces of other contaminants on the clothes, such as residual cooking oils that have a tendency to self-heat, spontaneous combustion fires can occur. Continue Reading

We help you.

We help you. We help you find the truth. We help you determine the source. We help you identify contaminants. We help you meet the regulation. We help you exceed the standard. We help you keep kids safe. We help you decide. We help you see what’s there. We help you help them.


We are here and we will help you.

AAAI Training Nov 3-6, 2014

Best wishes and congratulations to all the attendees at the AAAI’s Alabama Association of Arson Investigators Fall Training Seminar “From the fire scene to the courtroom.”

OSAC Subcommitee announcement

Congratulations to our own Dr. Andrew T. Armstrong on his appointment to the OSAC subcommittee on Fire Debris and Explosives!


The National Institute on Standards and Technology (NIST) has announced the selections for the Chemistry/Instrumental Analysis Scientific Area Committee Fire Debris and Explosives Subcommittee.

We are delighted to the have the AAFS well represented, and invite you to review the appointments here:

Congratulations, OKIAAI!

Congratulations to the Oklahoma International Association of Arson Investigators on their 60th annual conference.

Burn To Learn
60th Annual OKIAAI Conference October 29, 30 and 31, 2014