Chain of Custody For Your Sample

chain of custody for your sampleThe Chain of Custody is the Rosetta Stone, the Holy Grail. It is that thing from which all answers come.

The Chain of Custody is the reference point for our work here at Armstrong Forensic Laboratory. It tells when you released the sample to us, how you have identified your samples, the types of testing you want on each sample, and many, many other things. When it comes to the formatting of your chain of custody there are many different ways that you can approach the problem. The easiest solution is to download the provided Chains of Custody from our website. At the bottom of every page at, there is a Downloads Section, and all the chains of custody are available there for your convenience. Some of our clients also have their own chains of custody that they send with their samples and these work as well!

The information on the chain of custody is what is most important to us. If you want to send your sample with the relevant and necessary information on the corner of a restaurant napkin, we will take it! A chain of custody will be accepted as valid as long as it contains all of the necessary information for us to process your request upon arrival, and follows the the rules of evidence handling. If it doesn’t contain the necessary information, then we will contact you to get that information, and make certain you and your samples are taken care of.

Below are some suggestions on what you can and should include:

  1. Names and contact information of who is submitting the samples.
  2. Names and contact information of who will be receiving the report.
  3. Names and contact information of who will be receiving the invoice.
  4. A list of the submitted samples
  5. Dates and times of sample collection
  6. Volumes or weights
  7. The name of the sampler
  8. Signatures of who released the sample to the laboratory
  9. The required testing
  10. Special reporting requirements for your report
  11. Your requested turn around time
  12. Phone numbers, e-mails, and fax numbers (any and all contact information)

The more information you present to us at the time of receipt, the quicker we will be able to give you your results. As always, if you have any questions about what information would be helpful for us to better assist you, give us a ring.

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