How to Combat Insurance Fraud Simply and Efficiently

How to Combat Insurance Fraud Simply and Efficiently
How to Combat Insurance Fraud Simply and Efficiently - Armstrong Laboratory

How to Combat Insurance Fraud Simply and Efficiently – Armstrong Laboratory

  • Simple testing kits can reduce the time and expense of investigating fraudulent insurance claims.
  • Special Investigative Units using these kits combat fraud efficiently and effectively.
  • Armstrong Forensic Laboratory, Inc. provides a wide range of services to assist the investigative industry.

“Property/casualty insurance fraud amounts to about $32 billion a year, according to industry estimates” (, 2017). The Insurance Information Institute (III) notes this accounts for nearly 10% of the industry’s losses. The team at Armstrong Forensic Laboratory ( spend each and every day reducing those numbers. They are a premiere resource for any Special Investigative Units (SIUs) battling fraud.

The simple, quick kits provide easy-to-understand snapshots of the conditions before the investigated incident. The Vehicle Fluid Analysis (VFA) kit, for example, is a quick and inexpensive tool for any claim investigator. The kit allows anyone to determine the condition of a car engine prior to the incident. That information often helps an insurance company determine whether there is possible fraud by bringing to light the true facts. An easy process and quick resolution make this an invaluable tool for any vehicular investigation.

Thousands of Vehicle Fluid Analysis kits are utilized every year; the investigators who use Armstrong return again and again. The value of the tests are immeasurable, especially to Special Investigative Units. These teams are the ultimate line of defense against fraudulent claims, and are often hindered by time constraints, limited resources, and the burden of making some of the hardest decisions in the industry.

SIUs work hard to determine all of the facts of an incident scene. Often, the short turn-around from claim to payment challenges the team. Sometimes, the investigation will appear to cost more than the payout, so it would seem counter-intuitive to delve into the problem. Both of these issues have a simple solution: Armstrong Forensic Laboratory. Reports will arrive from the labs within the “good faith” timeframe so a complete picture can be pieced together. The cost-effectiveness of the kit improves an investigation’s efficiency. The Armstrong Forensic Laboratory Kit Programs provide fast response times and accurate results with easy-to-read reports and clear-cut, court-ready evidence to support the SIU determination.

Fire debris, paint testing and vehicle fluid kits are a few of the services offered by Armstrong Forensic Laboratory, Inc. The ability of these tests to reduce investigative costs cannot be overstated. These simple kits are usable by anyone. It is important to your business and your customers that you have these tools at hand. Contact AFLAB today at 817-275-2691 or email to ensure your SIU is fully prepared.

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