Documentary On The Dangers Of Mold In The Home Or Office

David Asprey is the founder of Bulletproof Coffee and is the author of The Bulletproof Diet. Now, he is producing a documentary telling people about the dangers of breathing mold toxins in your home or office. He believes so strongly about this invisible health hazard that he has invested $200,000 of his own money to produce the documentary “Moldy.” Asprey says he’s been affected by mold since he was a child, and wants to share his story and his message to the world. In the film, it is estimated that 45 million people spend time in moldy buildings and a quarter of them are genetically sensitive to mold toxins.

Some health experts, though, treat mold as an allergen, like pollen. Organizations like the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Mayo Clinic say there isn’t hard evidence that mold causes serious illnesses. A report done by the Mayo Clinic does tell about some reactions by some that are sensitive to mold spores, but mentions they are not serious. A similar report done by the Institute of Medicine says mold could lead to some respiratory illnesses, but again, are not found to be serious. The CDC says people who are sensitive to mold exposure can experience nasal stuffiness, wheezing, or skin irritation, and more severely, there’s a potential link between mold exposure and asthma in children.

In the documentary, the people who claim to have serious illnesses due to mold exposure say they are written of as hypochondriacs. Asprey’s purpose in the film is to highlight these claims and try to convince others that they really are, in fact, very sick because of the exposure. He says his own childhood illnesses were caused by the mold in his basement room, which had water damage from a sewer back up. Medical experts in the film say that mold can grow in many places and when they release toxins in the air, they can land on clothes, food and furniture. Since it is not something you can see with the naked eye, people tend to ignore the issue. The President of My Healthy Home, Caroline Blazovsky, agrees saying people take it for granted that they are safe.

Mold has become a more common problem in the United States since the 1970s when houses and offices were being built with energy efficiency in mind. These buildings did stay more seasonably warm and cool, but it also kept moisture in. Also, the changing weather has led to more flooding. Many people in the United States, including a large amount here in Texas, recently experienced devastating flooding. Many homes and businesses are dealing with recovering from the damage now and need to be aware that mold may be growing and they are breathing in these dangerous toxins. Blazovsky says your home needs to be tested every three to five years; you should monitor what you and your family are breathing in on more often basis. If you or your business need mold testing, please contact us. We offer air and surface testing, so send in your samples and we will provide you with accurate, quality data.

“Moldy” Documentary