Forensic Trace Residue

Forensic Trace Residue Collection Kit

Save Time. Save Money.

Ensure a complete Investigation.

The Forensic Trace Kit, by Armstrong Forensic Laboratory, will

save time and money and help provide an efficient investigation.

For any concern of potential residue, the Forensic Trace Kit provides

a convenient and thorough collection system.

Potential Residues of Concern Include:

[one-third-first]Wildfire Damage

[/one-third-first][one-third]Kitchen Fire

[/one-third][one-third]Trace Smoke Patterns[/one-third]



[/one-third][one-third] Corrosive Gases[/one-third]

[one-third-first] Candle Wax


[/one-third][one-third] Unknown Dust/Powders[/one-third]


Additional residues may be investigated using the Forensic Trace Kit.

Please contact Armstrong for additional information.

By collecting Forensic Trace Slides for Microscopic examination and Forensic Trace Wipes, the Forensic Trace kit reduces the number of trips necessary to the scene, and ensures the samples are collected from a scene unchanged between visits.

The forensic examination of microscopic particles reveal what is present,from soot to skin cells.

The forensic examination of the residue will reveal relative concentrations,and dispersion ratios of target analytes.

Ten samples from each incident scene will provide thorough proof of the presence or absence of potential contamination, and a map of relative dispersion, more than any single sample could provide.


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