Formaldehyde in your floor?

Formaldehyde is a chemical commonly found in manufactured goods such as flooring materials. Some manufacturing materials may contain formaldehyde, ie wood. Typically, it is the glue used in the manufacturing process that contains the formaldehyde and although the off-gassing will diminish over time, there may be elevated levels until the process is complete.

Long term exposure to elevated levels of formaldehyde can put occupants at risk of increased chronic respiratory irritation, increased risk of change in lung function,and  increased risk of asthma. These risks are greater for infants, children, elderly and anyone with compromised medical conditions.

Formaldehyde in an indoor environment can be easily sampled for by using a passive monitoring badge or with an active sampling pump and appropriate media. Armstrong Forensic Laboratory is prepared to provide sampling media and equipment for the “do-it-yourselfer” or schedule a Field Technician to collect samples. The airborne concentration of formaldehyde in the indoor environment can be established and compared to regulatory limits and guidelines.

Armstrong Forensic Laboratory is also available to test your building material to determine current off-gassing concentrations of formaldehyde.

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