Who Owns Your Sample?

lab sample

The simple answer to the question: Who owns your sample? Is you. You, as the client are the owner of any sample you send to us for analysis. You have entrusted us with your sample to provide to you accurate results in a timely fashion. In a word, we are the custodians of your sample.
When you fill out a chain of custody you are legally turning over your sample to us so that we can adequately fulfill all of your requests to the best of our ability. When ever you request your sample to be returned to you; we will do so in the appropriate time that you request.

If there is a test you need, that we don’t do, we will help you find an appropriate provider, and make certain we take care of you.

It is our policy to make our clients feel as comfortable as possible when doing business with them. We are constantly receiving and shipping out samples that have come into our care. Our policies with sample/evidence disposition come from our experience with the issue. In our experience we regularly store our samples for our clients for years at a time in order to make our clients feel that their property is safely stored until they need it again for additional testing or for legal reasons. Some of our clients store for decades, others store for 3 years at a time.

Armstrong Forensic Laboratory is committed to you, our client. Rest assured that when a sample comes through our door, it will be properly received into our custody and stored as per your request. You are the owner of the sample and we are the custodians. If you have any questions about the status of your samples, you can contact Armstrong Forensic Laboratory at any time.