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Spontaneous Combustion Explained

Hang oily rags separately to dry properly

Hang oily rags separately to dry properly

When you hear about spontaneous combustion, the mind most likely first goes to the crazy stories about the man who burned to death in his chair, but his surroundings remained unaffected by the fire. This is called spontaneous human combustion, and there are some instances where certain variables were just right, and no other explanation could be made, but for the sake of chemistry and facts, we will be discussing self-heating oils and other materials that can in fact lead to a spontaneous explosion! Continue Reading

The Arson Investigation Processes Explained

arson investigationThe majority of the audience of this blog will most likely already know the steps involved conducting an arson investigation, and some sections may seem like a no-brainer, but for those that are not familiar, here is a brief guide to the process. Some cases are pretty open and shut. The investigators arrive on the scene, take a quality sample, send in the sample for analysis, and results show there is some source of ignitable liquid present. Continue Reading