Why Armstrong?

Why Armstrong?

Quality. Results. On time.

Rules We Live By:

Rule 1 – Facts is Facts

Rule 2 – Tell The Truth

Rule 3 – “I Don’t Know” is a Good Answer

And depending on how you hear it, Rule 4 (or Rule 0), When in Trouble, When in Doubt,

See Rule 1. Facts is Facts…

When choosing your laboratory, for your samples, your business, your life, choose wisely.

Armstrong Forensic Laboratory combines education and experience  to ensure your investigation receives the attention to detail and competent support necessary for success.  Armstrong Forensic Laboratory has been providing Quality Analytical services for more than 30 years.

Armstrong Forensic Laboratory provides analytical results and consulting services for investigations litigated in Federal and International Courts for both Civil and Criminal Investigations.

How do I choose a laboratory?

Ask some simple questions:

  • Is your laboratory properly accredited by a legitimate accrediting body?
  • Does your laboratory participate in externally monitored proficiency test rounds through a legitimate accrediting body?
  • Are The analysts educated and trained?
  • Do The consultants have enough experience? Ask for a Court History if you anticipate litigation.
  • Can your laboratory provide audits from its accrediting agency?  AIHA, EPA, NELAC, TCEQ, FDA, and AN/AB International.
  • Does your report include a documented  Method of Analysis?
  • Is your laboratory licensed to do foreign soils, mold and/or drugs?
  • Does your lab have an entire team to ensure everything gets to you on time?
  • Does your lab deliver?

With Armstrong Forensic Laboratory, your answer is YES!